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Mice and Rats

What do we know about Mice?

Are a common problem and easily treated. They’re drawn to any food, so the best preventative measure you can take is to keep your home clean of any food scraps and crumbs.

Where you’ll find them:

How can we treat your mice problem?

Mice area treated with a lockable mouse station. My mouse stations and secondary baits are child and pet safe. This means that if your pet happened to catch a mouse that had ingested the bait that I use, it will not harm them.

What do we know about Rats?

There are two common species of rats located in the Perth area. The Norway rat is the type you will type you will find trying to access your home and sheds. The other type of rat you will find is a roof rat, which are found in the roof voids of many homes.

While Norway rats are obviously more invasive if they gain access to your home or shed, roof rats can cause serious problems, as they like to chew through electrical wiring which can cause electrical issues and even fires.

Where you’ll find them:

How can we treat your rat problem?

Both species of rat are treated with a combination of lockable stations that are strategically placed and also place a non-secondary bait in roof voids. This secondary bait will not harm your pets.

If your dog or cat eats the mouse or rat, it won't affect them!

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