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What do we know about Ants?

There are 3-4 common species of ant in the Perth Metro Area, though there have been several other species that have shown up in the region in the past. The most common types of ant are:
Ants do not discriminate when it comes to common areas that you will find them.

How can we treat your ant problem?

My method of treatment starts with treating the inner perimeter of the home with an odourless spray. I will also place “ant cafes” complete with bait at strategic entry points. The bait used in these cafes is picked up by the ants, taken back to the nest, and then eventually eliminates the colony (only if required).

I will then apply an outside treatment, spraying outdoor areas with Fipronil (a non-repellent chemical that ants will also carry back to the nest to eventually eliminate the colony). Fipronil is typically sprayed around the perimeter of the home, paved and grass areas, and common garden beds. When needed, I will also use a granular ant bait in and around garden beds, fruit trees, and veggie patches.

This granular bait has the same effect as the above methods and is an added measure to ensure that the ant problem is eradicated effectively.

When can you expect results?

It can take up to 2 weeks to see any results from this method of treatment, so some patience is required. We do offer a three-month warranty on all of our ant removal solutions. So, If after two weeks the problem is persisting, contact us, and we will promptly come back to fix the issue.

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