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What do we know about Cockroaches?

American Cockroaches: No one likes cockroaches, especially the ones that fly. These pests are a reddish/brown colour and are very common during from late Spring to Early Autumn when the weather is warm. They are most active on warm and humid evenings.

Where you’ll find them:
Oriental/Wood Cockroaches: These cockroaches are darker in colour and have a gold line around the outer part of their body. Typically these cockroaches will be found in garden areas, but do find their way into the home as well.

How can we treat your cockroach problem?​

Treatment for these to pests begins with an indoor odourless spray throughout your property. From here I will spray and dust:

Finally, I will give the external perimeter of your home and property a spray.

What do we know about German Cockroaches?

German Cockroaches: These cockroaches are often mistaken as baby cockroaches, as they are quite tiny in size. These cockroaches are extremely pesky since they breed quickly (typically after four weeks), so you will tend to find lots of them in a small space.

Where you’ll find them:

How can we treat your german cockroach problem?

To properly treat an infestation of German cockroaches, the area must have all cupboards emptied and cleaned before commencement. From here I will carefully go through and treat all cracks and crevices and cracks inside cabinets, using an aerosol to flush it out. From here I will dust behind all appliances including fridge motors, dishwashers and microwaves. The next step is to treat the internal perimeter of the home or business.

A combination of both cockroach gel baits and a speciality liquid bait are also strategically placed throughout your property, to help reduce the infestation.

Because German Cockroaches are so quick to breed, it is recommended that at least one follow up treatment is completed, to ensure that they have been eradicated. This follow up treatment is offered at a discounted rate so that you can ensure that the problem does not return. For this reason, we will not provide a warranty until the German Cockroaches have been eliminated.
Once your German cockroach treatment has been completed, I will work with you to come up with a cockroach prevention plan. I offer you advice and prevention methods to ensure that they do not become a problem for your property again.

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